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Star Race – Into the Space | Ankurams - The Memory Game of India.

Star Race – Into the Space

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Number of Players:  2 – 4

Suits ages:                   13+

How it Works:

“Star Race” game is designed to enrich players with knowledge in Astronomy. Players gain insights into our space and there by grow fondness for astronomical keywords that could drive them to explore the realm of space, stars & planets.

Few Astronauts are launched into a International Space Station to make constellation tour and study celestial objects closely. In the event of this tour, astronauts face some challenges as Anki cards and other obstacles which try to slow down their journey.

In the process of dealing with the obstacles, children learn about space, stars and also win various astronomical equipment coupons that add up to winning points.

1 review for Star Race – Into the Space

  1. Adwiti

    This particular game is highly educational. My 6 yr old has learnt so much about space playing this game. Complete value for money.

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