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Coping Skills for Children | Ankurams - The Memory Game of India.

Coping Skills for Children

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Number of Players:  1

Suits ages:                   7 – 13 years

How it Works:

Deep breathing is considered as first and foremost stress coping strategy. It is of paramount importance that children know, practice and adopt right breathing pattern from early age.

The set of 4 posters teach 4 different forms/techniques of breathing that help children inhale more oxygen. Which in turn helps them healthy body and mind.

2 reviews for Coping Skills for Children

  1. Smita Patvardhan

    Very simple, easy to follow, yet very effective techniques to manage stress in children. My child simply enjoys while carrying out this activity. The instructions were easy to follow along and get the posters ready.

  2. Sudarshan Patwe

    Quite an innovative and different way of coping with stress. Not only my 7 year old boy but also I found it amusing. It certainly helps when followed as provided in the instructions.

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