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Ankuram Board Game | Ankurams - The Memory Game of India.

Ankuram Board Game

(4 customer reviews)




  • A beautiful blend of silent board gaming and fun learning.
  • Game for children between 6 – 12 years about facts, etiquette, Indian culture, legends festivals and much more.
  • Fun activities that make kids perform, laugh and enjoy.
  • A game that fits into family time.
  • Contents:
    1 Game board
    100 Anki cards(flash cards)
    1 dice
    4 play pieces
    60 stars ( incentives)
    1 activity chart
    Game manual
    Image glossary

4 reviews for Ankuram Board Game

  1. arrnaya (verified owner)

    I have seen the videos of the kids playing with this game kit on YouTube and I am excited about it. Waiting for it to be delivered.

  2. Sonali Jain

    Ankuram is the talk of the. town..A board game curated on India has so much to. Offer for the younger minds gives them the base to know facts of their motherland yes but the best part what I can relate to as a life skills trainer is it works with the emotional aspect of Childer so we’ll.i am definitely going to use it not only for my daughter but also as a leraning tool to help a lots of my other life skills students


    – Kids are getting knowledge higher than their age that too while playing
    – Activities are the highlights of this Game.. With these activities kids will really improve their communication skills, presentation skills, reading skills and listening skill. Also, Parents can know about their kids and what they are going through, with these activities.
    – The playing board can be improved by putting stops with the city names, so that kids will come to know about those cities
    – Box cover can be made more attractive for kids.
    – In my opinion Schools should introduce these kinds of games
    – Overall this is an excellent game for kid’s mental growth

  4. Alyona

    Ankuram is a very good game for young minds.It gives information about different culture and places of our country.The cue cards help children gain more general knowkedge and also mannerisms. It is also a interactive game where children get to open up about their feelings.

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