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Kidz Gita – The Song Of Little Krishna

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Krishna by Ankurams

Watch Less Do More

Physical Version of the Little Krishna Cards – Life Hacks from Little Krishna

Ankuram Junior

The age between 3 years and 6 years is a time when children learn to make choices. Junior Ankuram board helps to reinforce right etiquettes and habits in game form.  It is a very crucial phase where caretakers must ensure that their children are exposed to the right environment and play material so that they can learn to make the right choices.

Concept : Right Etiquette and Habits

Age :          3 – 6 years

Type :        Board / Chart Game

Game-of-emotions-Digital-Edition by Ankurams

Game of Emotions – Digital Edition

This game puts forth vocabulary of human emotions and feelings suitable to children of age groups 9 and above.

It is an established fact that successfully working through emotions is the cornerstone of good mental health. However, the first step in …….

Concept: Emotional Intelligence

Age:         9 years & above

Type:       Board/ Chart Game

POP – A Strategy Game on Pollution

Age group: 7-12 Years.

This game helps children to look for winning strategies, observing patterns, recording them and manipulate variables.

Ecosystem designed as game background creates awareness towards pollution and gives exposure to pollutants disruptive to environment

Slides & Balloons Game

Age group: 3-6 Years.

This game is fun and engaging for kids of age group 3 -6 years.