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Ankurams - The Memory Game of India. | Learning is FUN & we at ANKURAM intend to keep it that way.

Learning is FUN & we at ANKURAM intend to keep it that way.

We at Ankurams, offer learning resources for children in the form of board games, practice boards, stories, and more. They come as physical products and digital downloads. They were designed keeping in view the cognitive learning and development needs of the children. Resources on our website help children to learn stress coping mechanisms, practice mindfulness and perform conscious work.

We keep adding new and interesting material to our catalogue. Check out our FREE downloads section for interesting games.

“Stress is the single most potent risk factor for mental health problems in children and adolescents, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and substance use. But, the good news is the brain is malleable. When positive coping skills are learned and put into practice, especially as a family, they can be used to manage stress for a lifetime.”

Bruce Compas

Our Games & Tools

Deep Breath & Mindfulness Practice Boards

Have you noticed?

  • Unconscious pauses in your breath?
  • Slow or too shallow breath?
  • Rapid breathing?
  • Shortness of breath?
  • Desire to fill your lungs with air often?
  • You find deep breathing unnatural?

If these conditions are keeping you away from doing regular daily activities, then you must consult a doctor immediately. There could be underlying medical reasons, sometimes serious ones.

Most often these conditions have general and non-serious causes like seasonal nasal allergies, stress and worry, severe workouts, and so on.

In case these are not given the right attention, there is a risk of an unhealthy breathing pattern becoming your natural breathing style.

Every system in the body relies on oxygen. From cognition to digestion, effective breathing can not only provide you with a greater sense of mental clarity, but it can also help you sleep better, digest food more efficiently, improve your body’s immune response, and reduce stress levels.

Conscious and consistent deep breathing practice for 15 to 20 minutes each day can bring wonderful changes in numerous aspects of health. Get introduced to Handcrafted and nontoxic Deep Breathing Practice Boards. These are handcrafted wooden boards, exclusively designed, to motivate children and adults to incorporate deep breathing practice into their daily routine.

Kidz Gita – A Book By Gowri A.L. 

Age group: 8 – 13 years

Kidz Gita book has been designed to adore every child’s bookshelf. It presents powerful & never-before-heard stories on principles of Bhagavad Gita, like Karma Yoga, Swadharma, Daya and so on. It is loaded with stories on ANGER and FEAR management skills for children & young adults.

Ankuram – The Memory Game Of India – A Physical Board

Age group:  6 – 13 years

Learning tools disguised in a game form are great instruments for building skills and knowledge in kids. This game focuses on imparting basic knowledge one must have about their mother-land, India. It induces love and bonding towards the nation by introducing the glory of India subtly and interestingly.

₹ 499 ₹299 + Delivery Charges

Special Independence Day Sale!

A physical product that will be shipped to the destination address provided during checkout.

Butterfly – Deep Breathe Practice Board 

Age group: 4 – 8 years

Breath is a subtle thread that connects body and mind. To teach subtle aspects of breath to children, the need for an aid that a child could touch and feel is imperative. Children like stories and are great at imagination. This board has an interesting theme for children to fall in love with. This simple breathing technique, it could be a great starter for their Deep Breath & Mindfulness practice.

499 + Delivery Charges
*Currently orders are not accepted due to Covid19 pandemic

Smiling B – Deep Breathe Practice Board

Age group: 8 – 13 years

These boards enable routine breath workouts for children. They can practice deep breathing and learn breath retention that strengthens lung capacity, reduces stress and anxiety levels. Prolonged usage of these boards can alleviate nasal allergies. Daily practice helps to improve Mindfulness.
Mindfulness — a simple technique that emphasizes paying attention to the present moment in an accepting, non-judgmental manner.

499 + Delivery Charges
*Currently orders are not accepted due to Covid19 pandemic

AUM – Pranayam Board

Age group: Teens and Adults

This board has been designed to connect with cosmic sound AUM. Daily interaction helps to reduce stress, depression and increases concentration. This tool helps one to achieve deeper levels of meditation.

499 + Delivery Charges
*Currently orders are not accepted due to Covid19 pandemic

Coping Posters – A3 Size

These are set of posters designed for your child’s room to encourage them to practice right way of breathing. Deep breath gives a sense of control by calming the mind.

₹ 100

Self-Printable Board Games

A beautiful alternative for expensive board games.

Home Printable games are engaging and challenging ways to help children learn. Children learn collaboration skills, critical thinking, fine motor skills, and much more by engaging in making their own games.

Ankuram presents digitally downloadable games and physical product games. Every downloadable game comes with elaborate and step-by-step “How-To-Print” and “How-To-Play” instruction guides. One can choose to build simple chart games or professional board games at home from these simple downloads. Click the link below for detailed instructions on “How to Home-Print Board/Chart games”.

Click Here

Star Race – Into the Space

Children learn facts about celestial objects like planets, asteroids, Nebulas and, processes that have been connected to stellar evolution. This is an educational, fun-filled game on cosmos, brought onto a game board.

Concept: Astronomy

Age :         13+

Type :       Board/Chart Game

₹ 99

Digital Download

PDFs – Zipped

45 MB

Ankuram Senior

The game introduces facts about India in an interesting and fun way. These are the facts that every Indian citizen must be aware of. Incentive driven game strategy motivates players to learn, remember and reproduce facts with the least effort.

Playing this game helps children to improve their knowledge about India and excel academically too.

Concept: Facts about India

Age:          7-13 years

Type :       Board / Chart Game

₹ 99

Digital Download

PDFs – Zipped

32 MB

Kidz Gita – The Song of Little Krishna

We often instruct our children to handle their emotions like anger, fear, sadness, and so on with utmost care because; we wish to see them grow up into mature, well-behaved adults. However, rarely do we teach them the “How?” aspect of handling. How to control the anger? How not to fear?

Here is an interesting way of introducing “How to overcome, handle, and win over these emotions?” in form of stories narrated by Little Krishna.

Kidz Gita by Ankurams

Chapter. 01

Kidz Gita – The Song Of Little Krishna

Anger management in kids by Ankurams

Chapter. 02

Cloud & Breeze Stories

A child meditating during sunset toons by Ankurams

Preview of Upcoming Stories

Browse our gallery to find kids falling in love with learning while playing with our board games.

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