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'ANKURAM' is fun instilled learning tool in a game form designed to sow seeds of love and bonding towards one's home and Homeland. Children learn facts about India and daily living skills in an innovative and interesting way.

Ankuram Learning Kit

'ANKURAM' is fun instilled learning tool in a game form designed to sow seeds of love and bonding towards one's home and Homeland. Children learn facts about India and daily living skills in an innovative and interesting way.

Ankuram Learning Kit


WIth 'ANKURAM' your child imbibes the Indian culture, values, traditions, festivals and much more. ANKURAM helps your child know India in a fun filled way.

Ankuram Learning Kit
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‘ANKURAM’ is your answer to changing trends in learning. As someone said, we are now in times, where conversations happen through texting, arguments happen on phone calls and sharing of thoughts happen online.

Times are going to be changing much faster, Screen time on smartphones is replacing everything else. Relationships do not blossom in such a state.

Parenting is going to be much more challenging in the evolving and changing times. We know parenting is not just about nourishing and educating children. it is also about raising responsible and dutiful citizens. ‘ANKURAM’ instills the essence of our rich culture and ideals into your child’s thought process and positively influences the behaviour.

Instill values & etiquettes

An individual would never act in a way that could harm his family or friends. This is because of bonding one develops towards home. This applies to a country too. A citizen who has love and bonding towards his/her country, would not commit to, OR involve in actions contradictory to Country’s Security, Sovereignty & Integrity.

Sowing seeds of bonding in blooming hearts has always been primal responsibility of parents and schools, as they are best placed to inculcate this from a young age.

‘ANKURAM’ game is designed to sow seeds of love, respect and responsibility in children’s heart in a very subtle and interesting way.


How ‘ANKURAM’ helps your child Learn?

‘Ankuram’ is fun instilled Learning Tool in a Game form.

Children learn quickly and easily when all their senses i.e., Visual (sight), Auditory (sound) and Kinesthetic (touch) are involved in the learning process. This game gives child a visual appeal to “Indian Map” in form of a playboard and colourful cards.

Challenges prompt child to ‘speak’ and ‘hear’ the facts. They get ‘sense of reality’ as they touch the game elements and move through the land form on game board. The experience helps them to gather, register and reproduce the facts about country in their daily lives with ease.

The game, when conducted/administered by an Adult/Elder, would enhance gaming experience to kids. Narration by an elder about each element present on game board could open up numerous thoughts and ideas to kids and instil positive connotations about learning and recalling.

Children face fun challenges in form of colourful images and attractive text. In the process of answering and observing others, they learn facts, etiquettes and also  learn to comprehend hidden messages associated with homeland. The game involves  activities that are meant to give fun time and also aids Children to introspect. This helps parents to understand their children hidden feelings and emotions.


Why ‘ANKURAM’ is special for your child?

India has many symbols and we take pride in them. Symbols are mental pictures and statements of who we are and what our objectives are. Symbols form our identification and unite us as one.

Indian Map is depicted in visual format on ‘ANKURAM’ game board with roadways, check post, tollgates and direction boards. This gives the child a close-to-reality experience of Indian terrain travel.

Etiquette is gracious and polite behaviour in family, social and professional situations. It is a vital trait and it could be a deciding factor between success of failure in a particular situation. Proper etiquette helps children to grow into poised adults.

ANKURAM is a visual treat for your child with more than two hundred images that help you tell your child some of the finest stories about Indian culture, traditions, values, festivals, symbols, cities, daily life skills and much more. It can be used as a perfect bed time story initiator.

ANKURAM game space is designed with affirmation statements that instill confidence, belief, positivity, ambitions and much more.

ANKURAM comes with a pack of fun activities which require interaction between players. This helps your child to build social skills like verbal communication, sharing, taking turns and waiting. It helps to lengthen your child’s span of attention by way of completing the exiting game.

Activities that kindle your child’s thinking, visualizing, creative and imaginative skills are made part of this exciting game.

You can listen to your child communicating their likes, dislikes, favourites and fears in a fun way and step into their world for a while to get to know them even better.

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